3. Conspiracy

This page will be solely devoted to explaining how and why the medical profession have been conspiring for decades to cover up this medical injury.  It's all about the massive compensation cost and a little bit about reputations, so they lie!

The spinal cord is a pure environment which should not be insulted with needles and chemicals. If you went in to hospital with back ache and underwent a badly performed epiduralyou came out with toxic chemical meningitis (a separate devastating injury far worse than any prior injury you may or may not have had) leading to diffuse Adhesive Arachnoiditis. These conditions are incurable and un-treatable, causing intractable pain and organ dysfunction/failure, both of these problems lead to death, however they cover it up by stating death is caused by natural causes from organ failure. 

This medical injury is massive, the biggest ever, bigger than thalidomide.  As soon as you mention the phrase Adhesive Arachnoiditis, doctors become embroiled with psychological problems. If you have been lucky enough to have been given a scan through the NHS, they have purposely been done incorrectly so that it doesn't show Adhesive Arachnoiditis (this happened to me). They do not want to admit they have been injuring/killing millions of people. So the medical profession have been lying through their teeth conspiring for decades to cover it up by ignoring it or telling you that you don't have it. Extremely lucrative jobs and reputations are at stake, not to mention the massive possible compensation cost. So they are all working together protecting each other and to contain it to a minimum (aiding and abetting, which is unlawful).  Because this medical injury is so big in numbers and so damaging to the human body, the medical profession have had good cause to cover it up, because of this the media haven't been able to understand just how serious it is. MORE ON THE FOLLOWING PAGES.

This medical injury is Iatrogenic, which means the medical profession caused it, so they won't diagnose it. So you are black listed, which means you can't get a diagnosis or the correct treatment, making you a sufferer of Iatrogenic neglect, which is cruel. In the UK (due to compensation costs and lost reputations) the NHS guards itself and it's own doctors against medical negligence/injury claims. They are all in on it, consultants, doctors, radiologists (scans are purposely done incorrectly), even nurses, and have been conspiring for decades telling people their new problems are being caused by the worsening of their original condition. This unethical behavior has allowed the medical profession to under report the number of adverse reactions experienced by patients who underwent Epidurals.

More to come on this subject.