Laid on a bed, assaulted, infected, and poisoned when a hypodermic needle was thrust in to your central nervous system, then left terminally injured, brain damaged, crippled, incontinent and in agonizing pain?


Sunday 18 December 2011

In Dr. Burton's most recent letter to Ursula Coxhead of the UK Myodil Action Group (MAG) dated 8/11/2011 he states, "all Myodil/Pantopaque Myelograms (and badly performed epidurals) produced a toxic chemical meningitis to some degree, and are also accountable for the greatest number of cases of clinically significant Adhesive Arachnoiditis, which is a secondary condition." a copy of his letter is on page five of this blog. 

2013, Dr. Burton becomes President of the Association for Medical Ethics (Link)

If you underwent an epidural (such as depomedrol etc.) and you suffer with chronic back pain and organ dysfunction, you probably have a condition called diffuse Adhesive Arachnoiditis/Chemical Meningitis which is progressive and will bring about your death from either organ failure or brain damage, for more information please click on the links.

Central nervous system (spinal cord) injections are extremely dangerous and should be done with great care under x-ray, epidural injections are supposed to take place outside the spinal cord, but doctors go too far with the needle and enter the spinal cord! The doctor should not guess where the end of the needle is. The inside of a spinal cord is a pure environment and should not be insulted with a needle, infected with bacteria or poison chemical.

The medical profession are injuring millions of people with these spinal cord injections, including pregnant women, but through willful ignorance or willful negligence choose to ignore it. They are also ignorant of how to treat the condition. 

The law states if you injure somebody intentionally or unintentionally and it causes their death that is murder or manslaughter. I believe this medical injury could be classed as either manslaughter or murder. 

This medical injury condition is exactly the same as that caused by Myodil Myelograms, please see my other blog Myodil Killer.