Laid on a bed, assaulted, infected, and poisoned when a hypodermic needle was thrust in to your central nervous system, then left terminally injured, brain damaged, crippled, incontinent and in agonizing pain?


6. 2012 Dr. Burton, Mengele in America: Epidurals

September 2012, Good friend Dr. Charles V. Burton M.D. F.A.C.S sent Ursula Coxhead an article, "Mengele in America: Human Experimentation and the Walter Reed Connection." which he wrote for the Journal: Ethics in Biology; Engineering and Medicine. 
In this article Dr. Burton condemns spinal cord injections such as  Myodil/Pantopaque Myelograms which caused toxic chemical meningitis, and blindly performed badly advised steroid epidural injections, as being the cause of the next epidemic of back pain suffering and disability.


This is a new journal and this article was actually published this year.
I thought that you, and your associates, might find it interesting.
Best personal regards,

C. Burton

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