Laid on a bed, assaulted, infected, and poisoned when a hypodermic needle was thrust in to your central nervous system, then left terminally injured, brain damaged, crippled, incontinent and in agonizing pain?


8. Dr. Mehmet Oz's Steriod Epidural Investigation

Dr. Mehmet Oz conducts an investigation in to the safety of Steroid Epidural treatments. Depo-medrol is not licensed to inject intrathecally, it is for injecting in to muscle tissue for pain relief. The epidural space isn't really muscle tissue, and the dura is wafer thin, so it is risky. Please read Dr. Oz's article from the link below.

Click here to view the investigation video

All Steroid epidural injections are dangerous and should not be performed "blind," (the doctor should not guess where the end of the needle is) they should be performed under x-ray but even then there is no guarantee, depo-medrol etc. are all dangerous chemicals. Please see below a link to an article about epidurals being performed under x-ray.

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